Is Profit Maximizer a Scam?


Product name: Maximize profits

Product owner: James Forley



Judgment: Not Offer

Profit Maximizer is a revolutionary program that begins with a typical Congratulatory message to make you believe that you are one of the chosen people to have access to an unprecedented secret software. You make money automatically.

James promises that he will reveal to you the secret that will allow you to start earning thousands of dollars and quit your job once you start taking advantage of his great program.

James claims that he is different from many others called internet masters, that he is not a master, he does not need your money, etc. He only cares about your success. All I can say is that I’ve heard tons of such claims and they don’t really mean anything.

He is no different from others and of course his only goal is to make more money from you. If you want to know if a binary options opportunity is a scam, I can say that it is not a scam, but when it comes to binary trading programs, yes, most of them are. is a scam.


The main idea behind Profit Maximizer

Profit Maximizer is just another software that allows you to trade binary options and earn over $ 1000 a day with little effort on your part !?

All binary trading programs have one thing in common:

They promise to reveal to you some secrets to make a lot of money automatically, they promise to give you free access to their secret software, they have limited the number of copies of the secret software. Confidential, this software is fully automated. And of course none of this is true.

disclaimer 2

Advantages of profit maximization

  • You can earn money
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Disadvantages maximize profits

  • Fake information about: available copies of the program, who have made money with it
  • Unrealistic claims
  • No free trial
  • This type of opportunity has a high level of risk
  • No refunds guaranteed

Inside the program

Fake information

The main problem with Profit Maximizer is that James lied to you from the beginning. On his website there is a small box telling you how many free copies of his great secret software are left and untrue information.

When you visit the profit-maximizing site, you will see a small box showing numbers between 40 free copies25 and then that number will be reduced to 1 copy. The script is always the same, which proves that the information is not true.

The number of video viewers and the amount of money made with the system is always around 1500.

You can never see the number of people watching videos around let 400 say 500 or 500 and the amount earned is about $ 500 or $ 3,000.

Numbers are always around 1000 or more. Look at the pictures from different areas and you are the judge.

fake data
fake number
disclaimer 2

Fake bank account

During the video presentation, you will see a fake James Forley account as if he made millions of dollars with this wonderful system that is not in my opinion.

Fake testimonials

There is a website ( where you can pay between $ 5- $ 10 and get a real-life testimonial and it’s not hard to create a fake bank account and get you thousands of dollars. in his account.

disclaimer 2

James doesn’t need your money

James claims that you can start earning money after creating your account with Profit Maximizer and registering an optional Rally account. He says he doesn’t need your money, that’s not right.

All binary trading programs say the same, but in fact when you deposit a minimum of $ 300, Forley will receive a commission from that money and that is why he cares the most. to persuade you to deposit as much money as possible.

And the bad news is that there is no money back guarantee once you have deposited.

Honest review

Beware of some blogs writing honest reviews about programs like Profit Maximizer because they’re not honest at all. They do so purely for the sake of roses.

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In most cases, they show you their fake accounts as if they are making a lot of money and the interesting fact is that they always succeed with programs that everyone else fails. .

What does it mean? Of course this means they are lying to you.

Legal broker

Also, you should be very careful when choosing a broker to trade through. If a broker has a bad reputation, that means you will have problems. That is why choose only legal ones, such as Topoption, Anyoption.

Trained before trading

As a binary options trader, if you buy and sell currencies at the wrong time, you will lose money. To know when to do you should have enough experience and know the market. It requires time and a lot of effort and you can automate the process.

Some programs like Profit Maximizer promise you to automate the entire process and they recommend you have the best time to buy or sell currency so that you make a lot of money.

In fact, it is not true. No software is 100% accurate and that is why you can rely on it completely. I looked at many other binary programs and saw many complaints about them from people who lost money on their investments.

Guaranteed results

Millionaire Association

A warning from the SEC

Organizations like the SEC warn people like you not to be involved in this type of business opportunity due to the many complaints they have received from people using binary-based internet trading programs.

This again proves that not everything is as easy as you think. A software that can guarantee your success and without the knowledge and experience you should avoid such programs.


Fake testimonials

They have quite a few testimonials on their website and to be honest, I don’t think they are right. But I can prove that they are also fake. And I know that anyone can order a testimonial at Fiverr for $ 5.

disclaimer 2

Support at Profit Maximizer

The only type of support they have is via email. It’s not the best option out there and I’m not sure if they will respond or be helpful.

Is Profit Maximizer guaranteed to make money?

I cannot deny that making money through binary options trading is possible. It is possible if you know how to do it. But even then there is no guarantee that you will make money.

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Even on a profit-maximizing website if you read the disclaimer of their income, you will see some warnings that binary options trading can be very risky and you could lose all the money. his investment.

In another disclaimer from another program called Smart Profit, it stated that binary options trading is high risk. That is why if you invest money, you can afford to lose it. It is better not to invest in it.


If Profit Maximizer is really free?

Although James Forley claims that his software is completely free to use, that is not true at all. You need to invest at least $ 300 to start a business and start trading.

Other binary trading programs

Most other binary programs have similar unrealistic statements and most of them are not recommended.


Self-made millionaire system

The last word about Profit Maximizer

Trading binary options is not a scam although I can certify for profit maximization. Since most of them are scams and there are a lot of complaints about them, I can recommend it. It’s up to you. If you want you can try it and see how it works.

It is true that some people are making money but they are experienced traders and even they lose money.

Making money with binary options is possible but making a lot of money is just a dream.

You are not protected from losing money and all promises of results are guaranteed empty promises.

Forley chooses to claim that his system is completely based on loopholes in binary options and that you can earn $ 500 a day safely nothing more than another empty promise.

In the end, I could say that it was a scam, but taking into account the high level of risk, I could also suggest it. It may be up to you to try or not.

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